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Kelli Pet Treats is an all-natural chicken treat fit for both your dog and cat!  We pride ourselves on using the same 100% white meat, hormone free chicken from your local grocery store. We never add fillers, food dyes, or preservatives. They’re perfectly suited for even the most sensitive pet-tummies and absolutely sure to bring your furry friends running every time the bag opens!


Why Kelli?

 We started making these treats when we adopted our purebred mutt Oz and couldn’t find a natural treat we could feel good about giving to him. When our calico Rory joined the family, our treats had already become a coveted prize in our home. 

We’ve been sharing these with our friends, family, and fellow pet owners since 2011 and now we're ready to share them with you too! Because, why feed your family member something you wouldn't eat yourself? 


What's next?

So much! 

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What are people saying about Kelli?

"Best treats ever! Coco loves Kelli treats and I can't be happier! I use them to keep train him. Other treats do not work as well as this one!!!!!" 

"My cat loves chicken, so I gave him some Kelli treats, and he ate them all up. He has a sensitive tummy, so this was perfect for him. No throw up or diarrhea!!"

  "I give these treats to my 12 year old dog Abby and she loves them! Highly recommended!"  

"Kelli Pet Treats are amazing! My kitten Nora adores them and she is really quite picky. She actually licked the counter clean where I laid them down. I feel good giving them to her knowing they are healthy and made of real chicken and I would absolutely recommend for anyone looking for a treat for their pet!"

  "My dog Benny loves Kelli treats! The sound of the bag alone drives him crazy, and i know he's getting high quality treats made with the best stuff."  

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